Easy to set up, these display booths reflect the high-tech image of the Navy. They provide an inspiring setting and great opportunity for personal engagement.

These displays support career fairs, specialty conferences, and diversity events. They provide an inspiring setting for potential recruits and an easy way for attendees to get in front of Navy personnel.

To see what NRC is supporting in your region the list of Conventions can be found on the schedule. For further information regarding the Convention schedule, please contact Mr. Anthony Bellomo at NRC.

Expo Display

The Expo display includes a backdrop, interview area, and table for RAD display. This set-up is specifically designed for indoor convention events. NRC assigns the Expo Display Booths to pre-determined conventions.

NRD Display

Much smaller but still providing presence, NRD displays are made up of a table with RADs. These displays must be provided by the NRD Region assigned to the convention.

Footprint and Staff:

Flexible Footprint Size: Can range from 10’ x 10’ to 70’ x 65’*
*larger footprints subject to availability
Staff: One (1) driver/support, one (1) on-site manager
Setup Time: 2-4 hours (depending on footprint)